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A group of former NFL players recently filed a lawsuit against the league, claiming that it exposed them to probable brain damage. National Football League players aren’t the only footballers who struggle with life after retirement and file bankruptcy.

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According to a charity set up for former English League soccer players, 33% of players are divorced within one year of retirement, 40% file bankruptcy within five years, and 80% ultimately suffer from osteoarthritis. While the average salary in the Premier league is about 23,000 £ (38,000 USD) per week, that salary drops to 5,000 £ (8,000 USD) per week in the Champions league.

Causes of bankruptcy

While it is difficult to have sympathy for some professional athletes on both sides of the Atlantic, there is a connection between their bankruptcy and your bankruptcy. They each emerge from common causes:

  • Divorce: One of the most common marital stress factors is money, so it is little wonder that couples who are in divorce court sooner or later wind up in bankruptcy court. After divorce, the two new families must often try to survive on drastically reduced incomes, which makes these problems even worse.
  • Medical bills: Even if you have insurance, the cost of long-term rehabilitative care is staggering, to say the least. Medical bills can eat away your savings almost before you know what’s happening.

While bankruptcy cannot eliminate child-support payments and alimony, it can eliminate many of your other unsecured debts to free up your limited cash for other obligations. Bankruptcy can eliminate medical bills, in most cases, giving you the financial fresh start that you need so desperately.

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