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Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Attorney Melbourne FL

Speak with a real estate attorney before a home purchase

Whether buying, selling, or both, real estate transactions are major financial points in the lives of most people.

 For the average person, a home is the most expensive thing they will ever buy, and will be the most significant investment in their entire life.  Especially these days, with foreclosure properties on the market, what looked like a great deal can turn out to be a mess.  An offer on a “short sale” can be reviewed for months, leaving the buyer hanging.  A bank-owned property may seem like a steal, but you may find after taking possession that what looked like a little water damage was actually a dangerous mold problem caused by leaking pipes under a crumbling foundation.

In years of dealing with real estate transactions, we have seen problems of all kinds.  We can help guide you through your real estate purchase or sale, including obtaining title insurance (we do not sell title insurance) and evaluating the risk of waiving any exceptions, condominium/homeowner’s association disclosures, and handling closing.

Non-standard transactions

If you have a non-standard transaction in mind, like a seller-financed transaction, a lease-option, or a private mortgage lender, we can help with that too, by drafting fair, legally enforceable documents.  Even if you are borrowing from family, it is important that you have well-drafted documents that are properly recorded to perfect the security interest, so that another creditor cannot take the property, leaving your family-member unpaid.

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