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Bankruptcy Attorney Melbourne, Florida
If you have ever tried to read a lengthy contract, you know it can be overwhelming. However, if you sign a written agreement without reading it, the law assumes that you not only read it, but that you understood it and agreed to its terms. If you are considering signing a legally binding document that...
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Debt Relief Attorney serving Melbourne and the Space Coast
Today’s technology has impacted the way we negotiate and revise contracts. The use of email makes the process much easier and quicker, but it can also lead to unexpected liability. There has been a drastic increase in the use of “electronic evidence” in litigation cases across the nation. In fact, many lawyers are using email...
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Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultation | Faro & Crowder, PA
We have all heard that it is important to read a contract before you sign it. However, many contracts are full of legal mumbo-jumbo that doesn’t make sense even if you do read it. Yet, the law assumes that when you sign a legally binding document, you have read and understood it. As a result,...
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Credit Card Debt relief attorney serving Melbourne, FL
If you own a business, it is imperative that you take precautionary measures to protect it legally. In other words, you need a great business attorney and contracts that protect your best interests. There is no easy answer for what legal agreements are the most effective, because every case is different. However, there are three...
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