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Bankruptcy FAQ

Below are common questions our office is asked during the bankruptcy process.

Bankruptcy FAQs

Why do I have to list all pay stubs if I have to give them to you

Short answer, you don’t. Just put in one stub and move on with the questionnaire.

Do I need to list every credit card?

No, we will pull a credit report and if something is missing, you can then provide our office with the information. Please list medical debt, as that will not show up on the credit report.

Will the trustee come get my stuff (non-exempt assets)?

They can, so it is very important to list everything you own and value as you would for a garage sale.

I’m storing belongings for my friend/parent/child. Do I need to list these items?

Yes – but provide our office with their name so we can note that those items are on your property but do not belong to you.

Why do you need bank statements? How do I get them?

The Trustee requires all bank statements for accounts that have your name. If you bank online, you can save statements as PDFs. The PDFs can be attached to the questionnaire or emailed to our office. Otherwise, you can bring statements to our office that were mailed to you, or go to your bank and they can print them for you. It is important that you give us statements and not transaction histories. We need all wages of statements even if they are blank.