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Debt Relief Lawyer Brevard County, Florida
A garnishment is a powerful collection tool used by many creditors to collect on a judgment for money owed to them. Two Types of Garnishment The two types of garnishments are account garnishments and wage garnishments. The creditor directs your bank or employer to pay money that is owed to you, directly to the creditor...
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Mortgage Foreclosure Lawyer serving the Space Coast of Florida
If you have been sued by a creditor and you did not appear or file a timely answer with the court, it is likely a default judgment has been entered against you. Many people just “give up” when this happens and believe there is nothing that can be done about it. However, many times there...
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Credit Card Debt Relief Brevard County
Many people who fall behind on their bills feel overwhelmed when creditors start filing collection lawsuits against them. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to simply ignore the lawsuits and hope they will simply go away. This tactic never works! As soon as you are served with a petition or complaint against you,...
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Credit Card Debt relief attorney serving Melbourne, FL
If you have fallen behind on your bills and debt collectors are starting to call, it is critical that you know your rights, including your ability to demand debt verification from the creditor. Debt verification is extremely important because it is possible that the collector has made an error or failed to acquire the necessary...
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Bankruptcy AttAutomatic Stay | Bankruptcy Lawyer | Learn Your Options in Melbourne, FL
If you are past due on your bills, you are probably being harassed by debt collectors. You are probably aware that the law prohibits collectors from using certain harassing and abusive tactics to collect debts. One of the most common ways that collectors violate the law occurs when they contact a debtor on his or...
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If your company is considering filing bankruptcy and you deal with several vendors, it is important to understand what is meant by the term “preferential transfer.” A preferential transfer is a payment (in money, goods or other) that is made to a creditor within the 90 days preceding the filing of the bankruptcy petition that...
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