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Chapter 7
Bankruptcy Attorney serving Melbourne, FL
Bankruptcy does not have to mean the end of the game. When you and your friends played “Monopoly,” declaring bankruptcy meant financial failure so intense that recovery was difficult or impossible. Some moneylenders and debt-buyers like to perpetuate that idea in the real world, to keep honest American families form declaring bankruptcy to eliminate debt...
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Credit Card Debt Relief - Melbourne, FL
A major mortgage lender is returning to the subprime market. Since the mortgage collapse in 2008, skittish banks have only loaned money to the most credit-worthy consumers. Now, faced with a major revenue loss as mortgage lending volume declines overall, Wells Fargo may be loaning money to consumers with credit scores as low as 600....
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Fed: Steep Increase in Consumer Debt in 3Q 2013
Americans are back to borrowing at a near-record pace. The government recently announced that consumer debt rose 1.1 percent to $11.28 trillion in the third quarter of 2013, the highest such increase since the first quarter of 2008 and close to the all-time record high, set just before the housing collapse in the third quarter...
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Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney serving Brevard County
An increasing number of cities are turning to the power of eminent domain to reduce the number of residential home foreclosures. Cities in New Jersey, New York, Minnesota and California are exploring the possibility of “friendly condemnations” in which the city buys the mortgage of an underwater homeowner. If the investor refuses to sell, the...
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Debt Relief Lawyer in Melbourne, FL
Consumer bankruptcy filings are expected to remain high in certain parts of the country. Although the filing rate is expected to decline overall in 2014, consumers in areas dominated by high unemployment and a poor housing market are expected to keep filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in large numbers. Meanwhile, more and more Chapter 7 bankruptcies...
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