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Is Wage Stagnation Real or Illusory?

President Harry Truman once wished for a one-armed economist. The reason? Seemingly all his economic advisors consistently said “on the one hand X, but on the other hand Y.” Wage stagnation is a current case-in-point. It has become almost axiomatic to say that the middle-class is shrinking. One economist begs to differ, claiming that this […]

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Are HELOCS Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

Home equity is exempt in Florida, although the amount of the exemption may be a matter of time. If you have a Home Equity Line of Credit, the actual debt may be wiped out but not the lien on your property What is a HELOC? Many people refer to a HELOC as a “home equity […]

Hurricane Sandy Satellite Image

Superstorm Sandy, One Year Later

Many New York and Tri-State-area residents are still struggling with the aftermath of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy. The storm made landfall in October 2012 and caused an estimated $65 billion in damages. While many neighborhoods and homes have been rebuilt, others are virtually untouched. Residents cite such things as property value disputes in these cases. Storm […]