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Bankruptcy & Divorce | Learn Your Options | Call Today - Faro & Crowder, PA
What happens if your ex-spouse files a bankruptcy case? Will it impact you? The answer is “it depends.” It is important to have one of our bankruptcy lawyers review your individual circumstances to help you understand how you might be affected, but below is some general guidance. As soon as your ex-spouse files his or...
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Studies have shown that arguments over money play a major role in why couples divorce. Financial stress can be overwhelming The stress of not being able to make ends meet can be overwhelming. Even happily married couples begin to feel the strain when a job is lost, medical bills accumulate or other financial troubles occur....
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Unfortunately, divorce and bankruptcy seem to go hand-in-hand. Finances are a leading contributor to divorce Financial stress is a leading contributor to many divorces. If you are facing this situation, you are likely wondering if you should file bankruptcy before you file for divorce or vice-versa. The answer depends on your unique situation. If you...
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