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Palm Bay Resident Financial Emergencies Solved by Filing Bankruptcy

Learn about your options when filing a Bankruptcy in Palm Bay, Florida

An important benefit of filing for bankruptcy protection is that the automatic stay goes into effect immediately upon the filing of your petition. The stay prevents creditors from continuing any collection efforts against you while your case is pending. Thus, all harassing telephone calls, demand letters and collection lawsuits against you must stop. For somebody who has been harassed by collectors for a long time, this can provide significant relief.

Have a financial emergency? Speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney to learn about your options.

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Below are a few of the types of emergencies that the automatic stay can help a debtor handle:


If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and your lender is threatening a foreclosure action, filing a personal bankruptcy can immediately (but temporarily) halt the proceedings. At a minimum, it will buy you additional time to remain in your home. It will also allow you extra time to try to negotiate a settlement or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure with your mortgage lender. Finally, it permits us to help you avoid negative tax consequences.


If you have missed payments on your electric, gas, telephone service, or other utilities, the automatic stay can prohibit your services from being disconnected for at least twenty (20) days. This may not seem very important, but when it is extremely hot or freezing cold outside, having electricity to run your air conditioner or heater is significant. While delinquent utility bills are not a sufficient reason to file for bankruptcy protection, they typically are a sign that you have other financial problems as well.


If a debt collector has obtained a judgment against you, it is likely that you have garnishments pending against your bank account and/or wages. The automatic stay stops all garnishments. Additionally, you may be able to eliminate or discharge the underlying debt linked to the garnishment action.


If you rent your home and you have fallen behind on payments to your landlord, filing for bankruptcy can provide you some relief from an eviction action. However, if your landlord has already been awarded a judgment against you, the automatic stay will not halt the eviction process. However, if your landlord has not obtained a judgment, the bankruptcy filing will provide us time to negotiate with your landlord.

The above are only a few examples of the financial emergencies that a bankruptcy filing can assist you with. We can review your individual situation and help determine if filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is the best debt relief strategy for you.

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If you live in the Palm Bay or the Melbourne area and are interested in learning more about how a bankruptcy filing will impact your debt, contact Faro Crowder, PA to schedule an appointment.  Our office is conveniently located on Sarno Road in Melbourne.  We offer free initial consultations for bankruptcy and foreclosure defense.

What Collection Activity Does a Bankruptcy Stop?

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The automatic stay is a powerful benefit of filing a bankruptcy case. As soon as the stay is effective, your creditors are prohibited from taking further collection actions against you. As a result, a bankruptcy filing can be helpful when you are facing financial emergencies, including:

  • Foreclosure. The foreclosure process is a collection activity halted by your bankruptcy filing. At a minimum, your filing can buy you some time to negotiate with your mortgage lender or at least remain in your home for a few additional months.
  • Collection lawsuits. If a creditor, such as your credit card company, has filed a lawsuit against you, your bankruptcy filing will halt the litigation. In many cases, the debt underlying the collection lawsuit can be discharged in your filing.
  • Garnishment. Garnishments against your wages or your bank account will immediately halt when your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case is filed. You may also be able to discharge or eliminate the debt linked to the garnishment action, which means you are no longer liable to pay it.
  • Eviction. Depending on whether your landlord has obtained a judgment for possession against you, the eviction process may be halted by your bankruptcy filing.

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If you are interested in learning more about how a bankruptcy filing will impact your debt, contact Faro Crowder, PA to schedule an appointment. We are located in Melbourne, Florida on Sarno Road and serve residents and businesses of the Space Coast and Brevard County.

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Filing Bankruptcy Can Help with “Emergencies”


One of the benefits of filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case is the automatic stay. The stay is immediately effective upon your bankruptcy filing and it prevents creditors from taking any further collection activities against you. This can be very helpful when you are facing a financial emergency:

  • Foreclosure of your home. Whether your mortgage lender is threatening to foreclose or you already have a foreclosure lawsuit filed against you, a bankruptcy filing can halt (at least temporarily) your lender’s actions. At a minimum, your filing will allow you to have more time in your house.
  • Eviction from rental property. Depending on where you are in the eviction process, a bankruptcy filing may allow you to delay it.
  • Account or wage garnishment. If a creditor has a judgment against you, it is likely that a garnishment of your paycheck or your bank account has been filed against you. As soon as you file your bankruptcy petition, the automatic stay stops all garnishments. Additionally, it is possible the debt linked to the garnishment can be discharged or eliminated in your filing. In fact, it is possible that the creditor will be ordered to refund a portion of the funds previously garnished.
  • Disconnection of utilities. Even if your electricity has been turned off, a bankruptcy filing may allow you to get it reinstated. This can be a real advantage if you are in the middle of summer or a terrible winter and you do not want your utilities to be turned off.

If your financial struggles have put you in one of the above situations or a similar circumstance, it is time to consider your debt relief options. We can help you understand how filing a bankruptcy case will benefit you. We can also explain your other debt relief options. Call us to schedule a free consultation today.

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